My name is Marlene B. Rivero.

Splintered Indians a Southern Illinois storyI have been doing dramatizations since 1999. It all started at an amateur night event in St. Louis, Missouri when I stood up and did my first Harriet Tubman skit.  Afterwards, I received a standing ovation.  The following week I received comments such as, ”Marlene, that little skit you did last week made my hair stand-upon my arms! How did you do that, pulling all that information out of the air?”   And later, “Marlene, you can do shows like that for the kids!”

From that point Harriet Tubman was born in me, a fire was lit.  I now portray known and unknown African-American, Native American and bi-racial women from other parts of the country and point out interesting adventures in their lives.  In highlighting the struggles of these women, we see they were not just push overs during their lifetimes.  Understanding of one’s culture helps to interpret both the African American and parts of the Native American history. 

My dramatizations tell the stories of strong passionate women and have been seen by over 20,000 people for over 13 years utilizing some of my talents, passions, and interests.